Work with Michaelangelo Loggia,
Website Designer, Web Developer and Commercial Photographer

Michaelangelo Loggia, graduate of UNH School of Law and Penn State, is an experienced website designer and DIVI extraordinaire that has been part of Falco Strategics since the beginning. A creative at heart, Michaelangelo’s passion is both photography and design. Website design and photography are not the only things which occupy his time. He is also an entertainment lawyer, loves to travel around the world, and enjoys hiking and skiing. Born and raised in South Korea, Michaelangelo eventually moved the United States and has lived in Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. He has many stories to tell!

“Website design is my creative outlet. After studying and preparing documents as an attorney, I’m happy to get in a creative zone and help businesses with their visual branding. Clients know me as efficient, creative, and exacting.”  
-Michaelangelo Loggia 


Michael Loggia Website Design Consultant and Photographer