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Helping people choose a domain name is part of SEO consulting and the website design process. While choosing a domain name can be more sophisticated and complex than you might think, our domain name strategy tips below will help.

How To Choose A Domain Name

First, choose a domain name with your business or organizations name in it. This is a no-brainer, but sometimes there will be businesses that have the same name as you and you will have to get creative. You can use dashes in between words in your domain name as a work-around, or you can abbreviate words, or you can even choose a domain name with a .com, .net, .guru, .club, .info and more to differentiate. These are called “top level domains,” and you can peruse a list of top level domains for more options. Of course, “.com” is the hallmark of all top level domains.

Second, you can purchase domain names with your best keywords in it and point those domain names to various pages of your website. If you haven’t chosen your best targeted keywords yet, work with a Falco Strategics SEO consultant. 

Third, you can buy domain names to prevent your competition from acquiring them. This blocks someone from using a domain name that might have the same or similar business name, or same keyword focus. This ultra-competitive strategy also means you may want to register them for 5 or 10 years at a time. But did you know that even if you register your domain name for 10 years, you still don’t own it? Why is this? Think of it this way — you are leasing a domain name and as long as you pay for it, you have legal rights to use it, but the moment you stop paying for you, it goes back into the massive domain name pool, available for public consumption.

Lastly, you may want to invest in the most secure privacy add-on for a domain name to protect your personal information. There is a website that anyone can visit to see who owns a domain name called If you visit this site, just enter the domain name you are investigating and you will potentially discover the personal contact details of who registered the domain name if they did not choose to protect their personal information. If you want your personal contact information hidden from the public, purchase the privacy-option with your domain name order. Just to be clear, without “privacy,” your info appears in the public WHOIS database.

The other benefit of the privacy option is that you won’t receive the commonplace spam that targets owners of domain names.

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