Blog Consultants in San Diego

Do you want to start a blog? We know blog writing and blog publishing, so get ready to work with a reputable blog publishing consultant in San Diego with Falco Strategics. You may want to blog as part of your content marketing strategy, or you may want to blog to establish yourself as an online authority. Many businesses and people blog to keep in touch with their customers and deepen their relationships, as well as to provide tips, inspiration and education. Many also blog to build brand loyalty. Also, blogging can become a funnel of website traffic and a great place to generate leads and referrals.

In order to get your blogs found and rewarded by the search engines, you’ll need to follow current SEO guideposts and write authentic original content. Adding photos and videos are highly encouraged and we can help you develop or find the right content for your blog publishing campaign in San Diego. Our expertise in this area means that you can compete. If you are ready to discuss a blog publishing strategy or blog consulting session, contact us today!


What is involved with blog publishing?

Blog Writing: We write blog posts for you. There are many styles of writing, so please be mindful of your blogging goals. No one knows your business better than you do. If we are writing for you, it is important that you share with us as much about your business and blog goals as possible. This can be accomplished by phone, email, Skype, Google hangout or in-person. We can also finesse and re-write previously written letters, articles, etc., and mold them into blog posts that help you build your online presence.

Blog Strategy: We can help you design and document a blog strategy that will help you achieve your goals. While there are limitless possibilities — we can help you choose the best (and most reasonable) steps for success! If you are considering a vlogging strategy (video-blogging), we can help you explore your options and plan your themes, calls to action, and more!

Blog SEO: We SEO your blog posts, publish them online, and make sure your blog posts are conducive to the search engines and web-traffic. We also complete the publishing process. We can SEO your old blog posts or new ones.

Blogging Tips:

Blog often. If you only blog 12x a year, don’t expect the search engines to be giving you great search results and organic traffic. Aim for 2 a month, or 1 a week, or more depending on your industry.


Blog with quality. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quality over quantity issue. You need both. It’s important that your blogs have real value. People should walk away from your blog KNOWING that you deliver something they need or want, be it information, news, tips, help, etc.


Write at least 250 words, but don’t be afraid to write much more.


Use your blog to link back to YOUR website’s homepage and internal pages and other high quality websites.


Only allow the interactive “comments” feature if you have a webmaster to monitor for spam and approve comments.


Use photos or memes to enhance your blog.


Add video to your blog posts and consider vlogging on a regular basis.


Find a blogging coach to challenge you and keep you on track.